How being a Virtual Host can supplement your income!

Learn the pros of becoming a virtual host - how you can be one too!

By Trally on
Dec 13, 2021

Working from home has been the new normal ever since the Covid-19 pandemic happened.

The blurring of the boundaries of work and personal life has been a major cause of stress for employees. The monotonous and boring cycle of work has also resulted in unmotivated employees.

If you have been struggling to get out of a rut, and are looking for a new opportunity to energize yourself while supplementing your income, I have good news for you. 

Here’s how you can escape the monotony by being a Virtual Host.

The rise of virtual tourism

The pandemic has resulted in the implementation of tight travel restrictions and lockdowns.  Even though there has been virtually no international tourism during these times, people have been looking at virtual tourism as a means to fulfil their wanderlust.

The increasing demand towards virtual tourism also directly translates into an increasing demand for virtual hosts.

What is a virtual host and what do virtual hosts do?

A virtual host is a content creator that showcases their content via live stream to the world. 

They bring their guests on a journey to their favourite spots in the city, teach them their culture, and provide an engaging experience. Being a good host is all about making sure your guests have a fun time with you!


Want to know more about being a good host? 

Here are 8 ways to provide an amazing virtual tour experience.

Why be a virtual host?


Supplement your income by hosting with Trally! You can make money as a virtual host via a few different ways. As a host, you will not only be making money per trip that you host, you will also earn tips from the audience based on how well you do. There are also no capped earnings - the more you tour, the more you earn. 


Not a morning person? Do you only truly ‘wake up’ after 2pm? Being a virtual host allows you to run things on your own schedule. Now you can spend your time wisely and when you feel the most productive. Your virtual tours are scheduled by you, you decide when and how you want to run your show! Never worry about having to meet a quota again. 

Doing what you love

Stream what you love, share your passion with your followers! Bring your followers on a serene walk in the bamboo forests of Arashiyama, wander the busy streets of New York!

Don’t let your desk-bound job hold you back, share breathtaking views and culture with the world.

If being a host sounds attractive to you, join us at Trally today. (link to


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