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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common concerns our users have. If you have further enquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Can I catch a virtual tour on my laptop?
Yes! Besides the mobile app, we also have a webapp where users can perform the same actions as they would on a mobile app
What happens when I disconnect mid-tour?
You can always try reconnecting. However, because the tour is done is real-time, any parts that you missed will be gone forever. We would advise guests to be in a quiet environment with a good internet connection (and a nice cup of beverage) before they begin their tour. Just to make sure that the best experience can be delivered to you.
Can I reschedule a tour that I’ve already paid for?
Yes, but only once. For every tour confirmed, you are allowed up to one rescheduling. Keep in mind that the price of the next tour has to be the same or lower than the one you paid for (in the event you’re looking to change to another tour instead of rescheduling the same one)
Can I bring my friend/family along?
Depends on the host! Some host prefer delivering a wholesome 1-to-1 experience, while others vibe better with the whole “the more the merrier” idea. You can also explore our “Duo Package” and “Family Package” to get your money’s worth!
Do I have to turn my camera on?
Nope. Although some hosts may indicate that they prefer guests have their cameras turned on. After all, it helps elevate the whole experience. Talking to a blank screen can be a little dejecting for our hosts!