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Discover the future of travel and explore a world of possibilities, where connections empowers great travel experiences.

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"At Trally, we believe that every journey, whether for leisure or business, should be an unforgettable adventure. Our mission is to empower you with travel solutions that enrich your lives and connect you with the world."

Founder, Kylie

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We create boundless experiences, seamlessly.

Virtually explore the world

Join live streaming adventures, guided by passionate explorers. Travel the world from the comfort of your home.

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Trally Tours is your virtual passport to global adventures! Explore the world from your couch, make new connections, and start wandering from your living room.

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Brally Pro

Redefining the way you conquer corporate travel. Say goodbye to booking hassles, expense tracking nightmares, and policy headaches. We're your all-in-one solution for seamless, efficient, and rewarding business trips. Let's make travel work for you!

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Elevating corporate travel

Connect, transact, and book the best accommodations
for your business teams.

We Explore, Connect, and Innovate.

Our team came from different backgrounds, connected by the love of exploring, working together for one mission.

Our vision is to be earth's most customer-centric company; to build a home to wanderlusters where people can come to find, discover, and share the love of exploration.

Our company is built around our mission of enriching lives by empowering people who build genuine connections through their love of exploration.


The ones behind Trally.

Many backgrounds, one goal.



Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Brandon Phua is a seasoned professional with more than a decade of experience in business development and finance. With his extensive knowledge and strategic acumen, Trally has navigated the complex financial landscape, ensuring the company’s stability. His commitment to excellence and passion for finance make him a driving force behind Trally’s success.


Kylie Chim was born in Macau and raised in Singapore. She spent nearly half her life immersing herself in the cultures of both countries. With over 10 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, her deep understanding and passion led to the birth of Trally. In addition to being the CEO at Trally, Kylie serves as the Vice Chairwoman of the Macau Hotel Association and has been a key business strategist for the hotels she have worked for over a decade. Her strategic acumen and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in driving the success of Trally. Outside of her professional life, Kylie is also a start-up coach and enjoys practicing yoga in her free time.


Co-Founder and COO
John Francis Abelgas is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the travel and tourism industry. His background in web development, combined with his deep industry knowledge, has been instrumental in driving efficiency and innovation at Trally. His unique blend of traditional business acumen and tech-savvy insights will establish Trally as a leader in the travel and tourism industry.