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We're on a mission to supercharge corporate travel management. With our expertise, we make booking, budgeting, and connecting with top hotels a breeze.

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Save time, effort, and money

Brally Pro, your travel manager's best friend, saves time, effort, and money. Our platform allows you to post an RFP listing for hotels to bid on. Its efficiency makes it cost-effective.

Streamlined booking process

Say goodbye to the booking headache! Brally Pro gathers hotel proposals/bids through an automated system. Simple process, easy to use.

Enhance communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are the heartbeats of successful corporate travel. Brally Pro provides an intuitive platform for enhancing both, as we bring the team together and ensure everyone is on the same path to success.

Access to a network of trusted hotel partners

Imagine a world of trusted hotel partners at your fingertips. Access quality accommodations, special rates, and peace of mind for confident and comfortable journeys.

How it Works

How Brally Pro puts travel management on autopilot

Browse Hotels

Start your corporate travel adventure by browsing our curated hotels – it's like swiping right on the perfect match for your team's comfort and success.

Post Request for Proposal

With Brally Pro, it's as simple as clicking 'Send Request for Proposals' to set the wheels in motion. Let us handle the paperwork, while you focus on the big picture.

Receive Proposals from Hotels

We've got your back when it comes to prequalifying those hotel sales reps. We ensure you're only meeting the crème de la crème.

Personalized Proposals Presentation

Get ready for personalized proposal presentations – it's your chance to be wooed by top hotels. They'll bring their A-game to the table, and you get to sit back and choose the best fit.

Negotiation, Invoicing, & Contract Signing

The negotiation, invoicing, and contract signing? We've streamlined that too. It's like signing on the dotted line while sipping your morning latte – simple, efficient, and millennial-approved.

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Brally Pro's Game-Changing Features

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Streamlined booking process

Real-time availability information

Notifications and Alerts

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

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