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The destinations are inanimate - but the right hosts bring them to life.

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4.9 (238)

Best tracking route in Macau

Having 20 years of their lives stolen away by a hustling city-life, Romiet and Julio decided to enjoy the rest of their lives basking in the rich aroma of nature. For those that can't yet lead a life like theirs, they are imploring you to live vicariously through them!

4.9 (250)

Nusa Penida in Bali

Xavier is no fan of cities and high-rise buildings. Nature is his escape, and while the places he loves venturing are full of oxygen and clean air, the sceneries are always breath-taking.

4.5 (88)

Best Mt. In Hongkong

"You ain't ever been to Hong Kong if you haven't summited this mountain" is what you'll hear Jing Wen say to all of her guests. Join her as you check Hong Kong off your "to-travel-list".

4.9 (123)

Mt. Sumeru in Indonesia

A huge nature lover, Veronica loves giving meaning to the term "bird's eye view". Join her to see the world in a different light.

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Are you always the one introducing new spots to your friends?

Well you know what they say - if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. Now you can show foreigners around your city and relive the joy of introducing amazing spots to others!