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How to Sign Up as Host and Connect Your Account to Stripe

A complete guide on how to connect your host account to Stripe.

By Trally on
Mar 3, 2022

Congratulations for taking the first step to become a Host on Trally, we are looking forward to your exciting tours!

Before you start hosting, here's how to sign up as a host and connect your account to Stripe. This is crucial for you to receive your earnings when you've completed a tour.

1. Log in or create an account in

2. On your settings page, click "Become a Host" and select your location

3. Click "Connect with Stripe". You will be redirected to the Stripe onboarding pages

4. Enter your mobile number and email. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone (you might have to enter two codes)

5. Tell us about your business: 
Select "Individual" as the type of business

6.Personal details: Enter your personal details so that Stripe could verify your identity. Stripe will only accept the submission if you use Singpass or upload your ID document.

7. Edit business details:
Enter "Software" as the Industry and "" as the Business website

8. Select an account for payouts: Fill up your bank account details. Branch codes for some common banks in Singapore: DBS (first 3 digits of account number), POSB (081), OCBC (first 3 digits of account number)

And you're all set to go! Create a tour today and start hosting with Trally.


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