Frequently Asked Questions

By Trally on
Apr 29, 2022
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Create a Tour

What are the image formats supported by the app?
  • Image and video formats supported: jpeg, png, gif, psd, tiff, mov, mpeg3, avi, wmv, mp4, flv, 3gpp and WebM
  • File size: no limits on minimum or maximum file size
When I want to create a tour, it says "Pending Approval"/I cannot create Public tours
  • Reach out to the Trally team with your name or email address and we will help to approve your account
When I want to start my live tour, it says that I'm streaming another tour even though I don't have any other tours
  • Wait for a few moments and try again


Can I enter a tour slightly before the scheduled time?
  • No, but we are currently working on enabling this!
My phone is showing a black screen or my screen is frozen
  • Try to switch to another window and then switch back to the app. You can also try to relaunch the app and your tour
My phone shows "poor internet connection" even though my connection is fine
  • Wait for a few moments. If the problem persists, try restarting the app
The comments have disappeared from my screen
  • Try tapping on your screen above the message bar
How do I end a tour?

Here are the ways to end the tour:

  • Clicking "End Tour" from the dropdown on the bottom right corner
  • Clicking back button on the app
  • Clicking back button on your phone

Here are things that will NOT end your tour:

  • Switching apps
  • Closing the app
  • Turning off your phone
  • Phone ran out of battery
  • Starting a screen recording in the middle of a tour
I have stopped livestreaming, why is my tour still in the Trally homepage?
  • Your tour will continue appearing in the homepage as long as it is within the duration that you have set and you haven't properly ended the tour. If you selected to go live instantly i.e. by selecting "Right Now", the default duration is set to 2 hours.

Stripe, Tipping and Cashout

How do I connect my account to Stripe?
  • You can follow the step-by-step guide here
What is the minimum cashout amount?
  • The minimum earnings you need to have to cash out is US$10. You only can cash out all your earnings at once.
What currencies do you support?
  • Currently, we only support US$. All currency exchange fees are borne by Trally.

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