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5 ways you can encourage your guests to leave good reviews

Not sure how you can get good reviews? Here are 5 ways that may help you!

By Trally on
Dec 13, 2021

Customers just don’t trust businesses anymore. Hubspot research has found out that 81% of customers trust their friends and family’s advice over advice from a business. 

In the absence of trusted reviews from their friends and family, they also turn to third party review websites like glassdoor and yelp. 

Reviews are all about trust, and consumers are more likely to believe that you are capable of giving them a good experience if you have good reviews on your tours. 

Here are some ways you can get your customers to leave a good review after your tour.

Start by Just Asking

The biggest mistake people make is to not ask when they need something. If you need something, just ask! It’s that simple. 

In a survey done by Brightlocal 72% of consumers went on to give a review if they were asked for it. Getting a review is not as difficult as you think!

“ Which part of the tour did you enjoy most? “ , “ Where would you like me to bring you next?” are good questions you can start off with, before asking if they liked the tour and to leave a review.

When Making the Ask, Target Satisfied Customers

When trying to get reviews, it’s not just the amount that matters, quality matters as well.

You can encourage good reviews by asking from a pool of satisfied customers. Find out who has had a great experience by sending them a survey about their experience. If they respond positively, consider sending them a request to leave a review. 

Research has found that satisfied customers are more likely to be an advocate for you and your brand. By asking satisfied customers for a review, you can be sure that the reviews you receive will reflect the good experience they had with you.

Begin with an open ended question

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Many hosts, however, ask the wrong questions. They ask simple questions where the customers can answer yes or no  —  effectively shutting down the conversation. Ask open questions where they can elaborate and give feedback.

Questions like “How was the tour?“ and “Did you enjoy it?” are what you should not ask.

If you receive a negative review, don’t dwell on it! Negative reviews are a great opportunity to find out where you can improve. Focus on what needs improving and make your tour a better one. 

Follow Up on Your Requests

Customers might often forget your requests, put it off, or say they will get to it later. 

It may be helpful for you to ask more than once, as a quick follow up so that your customers might be reminded to finish writing a review for you.

Engage With Your Existing Reviews

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Once you’ve gotten your reviews, make sure to engage with them. Other people might feel more encouraged to leave a review if they notice that you are actively engaging with the reviewers.

You can also take the opportunity to address negative reviews and feedback. Here are a few guidelines on how you can respond to negative reviews.

  • Reply within 24 - 48 hours
  • Apologise and let them know you can do better. 
  • Send them a message to bring the discussion offline. 
  • Put yourself in their shoes

Remember to also thank reviewers that have a good time. A simple thank you goes a long way!

These are just some of the ways you can get good reviews as a host. Think you’re a good fit for this career? Visit us at


Summaries of what you read!

Start by Just Asking

When Making the Ask, Target Satisfied Customers

Begin with an open ended question

Follow Up on Your Requests

Engage With Your Existing Reviews

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