Special Trally

Uniting people from all walks of life with Trally

Engage with non-profit organisations and delivering joy to everyone from all walks of life..

Special Trally aims to provide support for the community.

At Trally, our passion lies in bringing people together from all sorts of communities and we believe in making it possible to travel the world unconditionally.

Who can participate in Special Trally?

We are open to work with any form of non-profit organisations and charitable events. It’s all about giving back to the community!

What are the activities?

Our virtual host will bring the attendees of the event on special virtual tour to discover new attractions and places of a foreign country.

It’s an interactive tour, so guest can engage with the host during the trip!

Games session! Spice up the tour with a mini games and quiz with our host!

Discover new places without the need to leave your premises, amazing adventure awaits you.

Organisations that Trally has partnered with

Our growing network of partners and organisations that have worked with us.

Fuhong Society of Macau

Founded by a group of volunteers in May 2003, the Fuhong Society of Macau is a nonprofit social service organization dedicated to providing diverse services for persons with intellectual disabilities and persons with mental illness in rehabilitation.

Macau Association of Hearing Impaired

The association was established in 2001 to promote the well-being of hearing impaired people in the local area and help them obtain the services they need in the society, and enjoy the reasonable convenience of barrier-free communication in and out of the community.

Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes

The Association, which currently has 1200 members, many of whom are families, carry out a series of commemorative activities, aimed at spreading a message of harmony and social equity to the population, as well as demonstrating the spirit of perseverance and self-worth of the mentally handicapped over the past 30 years.

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