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Virtual Team Building
Activities with Trally

Ever wondered how important team building activities are?

Here are some compelling reasons to invest in a team building and statistics of teams around the world.


of employees say team building has a positive influence on their relationships to colleagues.


of employees say team building helped facilitate open dialogues in the workplace.


is the estimated loss in revenue for a company when there’s a conflict in a team of 6 people.

put on your thinking cap and solve the puzzles!

Exciting challenges await you in each tour - but are you ready to play the game?

Solve puzzles and riddles during the tour and see if your team has what it takes to take on these challenges!

I'm ready, let the games begin!

Save more time and money on planning for your team building activities.

Skip the headache of getting everyone on a trip! Pick a city for the whole team to explore in the comfort of their own space.

Strengthen the coordination between different teams.

Each department has a different set of working style and projects cannot succeed without a smooth collaboration between departments!

A boost to your team’s morale!

It’s a huge red flag when the team is feeling burnout and this can be spotted easily with the quality of work produced and productivity of your team.

Increase productivity

When teams share an experience, they’ll develop a stronger bond that builds team spirit which motivates them to work towards a common goal.

Injections of positivity

Get your team to be excited to come to work and develop a fun and positive environment for them.

Loved by teams around the world.

Our growing network of partners and organisations that have worked with us.

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