it’s not work if you enjoy doing it

Do something each day to make the world a better place.

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself."

Don't just join, we want you to stay.

2 parts to "Why Trally?"
One before you join, one after.

And we want to hear both of the answers from you!

The world is your office

Think about it - the whole idea of Trally is to access the world through your screen. The same should apply to our members.

We embrace "crazy"

What the world views as crazy is but our daily routine. If you’re keen to explore the wildest of ideas, we’re all game. Come steal the show.

Work-life, balanced.

We created Trally because we wanted people to take breaks amidst their hectic schedules. Goes without saying, we start with ourselves.


The ones behind Trally.

Many backgrounds, one goal.



Founder Of Trally

Kylie was born in Macau and raised in Singapore. After spending nearly half her life understanding the culture in each country and being in the tourism industry for the past 7 years, TRALLY was born! She is also a start-up coach and enjoys flexing her awkward yoga poses during her free time.



Head of Operations & Customer Success

British, democratic school alumni, filmmaker and social entrepreneur. Previously a trustee and non-exec director of several NGOs, founding a startup and working in Ops for a globally leading mental health training provider, before joining Trally!


Malik Zulqurnain

Lead Engineer

A software engineer with more than 5 years of experience working on products to make life easier for people. Previously worked with many startups to build the architectures and production-ready high-end software.

career opportunities

We’re Hiring

Like a jigsaw, we're only 'full' when the different pieces come together.


Operations Executive


We are looking for someone who has a neck for organising and making sure that all operations are operating smoothly and will be assisting various other senior management


Community Building


We want a digital-savvy community builder to take charge of our online voice. You will be directly responsible for building a strong community that nurtures every audience into a power user eventually. As always, you’ll be the first point of contact for our online fans and followers.


Customer Support


You are an excellent communicator who is able to easily earn the trust of others. You have no problems understanding pain points and can, with ease, direct others to the solution they’re looking for. Ultimately, you are to establish our reputation as a company that offers top-notch customer support.