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Travel With A Twist

Looking for a fresh and fun experience to explore with your friends and family? Meet Trally Games, the virtual tour with a twist!

What is Trally Games?

Trally Games is a virtual tour with a twist. Ever wanted to be a part of the Amazing Race? Well, now you can be a part of an experience just like it! 

You can explore the world while completing fun activities with your friends, family and colleagues. 

Don’t believe me?

In a speech by our founder Ms Kylie Chim to students at Macau Institute of Tourism, students were able to learn more about Trally and our innovative business model.

During the talk, the students involved were also able to enjoy a demonstration of a product that was part of the Trally Games Series - “Trally Adventure Warriors”.

Mr. Cheng Man Cheng, Kevin was invited as the host of this tour. He led students in a pirate themed evening tour of some of Macao’s most famous attractions, including A-Ma Temple and Lilau Square. 

Students were required to answer questions from him, in order to earn points. The questions targeted participants' understanding of Macao’s culture and heritage, based on the explanations given by the host during the tour.

The students were not only able to learn more about Macao’s culture and heritage, they were also able to have lots of fun doing it.

The world has changed. Travel is not as viable as before, and we have to seek alternatives to travel. Virtual tourism is a growing phenomenon and you should experience it for yourself!

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