Top 10 Couple Activities That Cost Under $50

Not sure what to do? Discover 10 cheap couple activities you can do with your partner.

Need wallet-friendly ideas for dates? Here’s a curated list of extraordinary things to do alongside your significant other.


1. Take a virtual adventure with your date on Trally Tours

The term dating is no longer what it is. Covid has transformed the experience of a date.

With the rise of covid-infections recently, fear has taken hold of couples' dating plans.

This is what Trally is for, to bring people together, form bonds and offer great online experiences. 

Couples who haven’t visited the Northern Lights of beautiful Iceland will surely enjoy this digital embarkation.

Taking you through a jaw-dropping view of the mountains and the ever-changing sky lights, will be sure to keep both of your eyes peeled.

Isn’t this a great relationship builder?     

Join Trally on this ride now.

2. Plan a future trip to Tioman Island, starting with Trally Tours XXX

Centered in tropical Pahang, Malaysia, Tioman Island is a popular spot for tourists.

The island, teeming with coral reefs and marine animals, makes a perfect spot for scuba divers and snorkelers. 

With a GoPro, our tour guide brings you on an island tour and under the waters for a view of Tioman's native sea critters. 

Get your dose of vitamin sea here

3. A taste of Hong Kong’s Tai Long Wan

Planning to have a slice of Hong Kong’s islands? Here’s Tai Long Wan. 

Composed of four different beaches, Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan and Tung Wan, each one separated by hills, makes a good spot for a medium-impact hike for the future. 

It is also the best camping spot for tourists and locals. 

The waters are pristine and can send you into a state of calm.

 Yay, mental wellness. 

Take this ride here.

4. Learn and prepare a raw vegan dish 

How about taking your taste buds up a notch and returning to the basics of food, where only plants are used to mimic conventional dishes.

Enhance your creativity by understanding how different vegetables when combined, create a unique punch of flavour that will appeal to your taste buds. 

Try this Zucchini Lasagne dish, made by FullyRaw Kristina, and be overwhelmed by the simplicity of ingredients that altogether, cost below 20 USD, and will enhance the palate.

Couples who cook together, stay together.

Watch the recipe video here.

5. A virtual ride on a hot air balloon in Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia

Never been on an open ride in the sky, and wondering how much it costs to do that? We have done the research for you. 

A hot air balloon ride in Hinterland will cost 380 USD/2 persons. 

How about considering an eco-friendly and more viable option like Trally Tours, that costs under 50 USD, where we take wonders to you. 

With a camera, mic and backstories, our tour guide will show you a display of beautiful Hinterland. 

Sceneries of green, blue and an array of mountains will knock the wind out of y’all.

Immerse oneself in the clouds here.

6. Mai Tais & Magic; a crazy tiki bar show

With most clubs and bars closed, drinking on a chill Friday night in an ambient bar has become, well, passé.

With AirBnb Online Experiences, you can now have a Mai Tai date-night in your own home, with this crazy tiki bar show at just 32 USD/person. 

Seek out fun with Captain Jack Spareribs here, and learn about cocktails. 

Tipsy time starts here

7. World’s top coffee Masterclass

Coffee lovers? 

How about trying this coffee masterclass on AirBnb Online Experiences, where you learn how to make the best coffee in diverse ways. 

Enhance your relationship with a cup of coffee, where you start a morning heart-to-heart talk, in a snuggly area of your home.  

Master your coffee making skill with this masterclass at 11 USD. 

8. Skating

Now that Autumn is here, how about taking your date outside for some sun in the cold to snow skate? 

This would be perfect if your gal can’t skate - it’s your chance at playing the gentleman. Lead her around the rink and remember to have lots of laughter!  


For the Asia dwellers, we have thought out something for you.

HiRoller, Singapore

Indoor skating has been really chic in recent years. 

With its interior lit with an array of neon lights, it attracts people to try it. 

How about hitting your local indoor skating rink, and have one heaven of a time. 

Indoor skating costs start at 7 USD/person for 2 hours. 

9. Take a virtual tour at Guia Fortress, Macau

For the intellectual couples who would like to visit an oasis, created by visually soothing architecture that sets itself apart from the hustle and bustle of the popular casinos in Macau, let us plant an idea in your head.  

On Trally Tours, our trained tour guides will take you on an intriguing informative sightseeing tour around Guia Fortress, where you get to understand the architectural design that predominates Macau.

Guia Fortress, built in 1622, has frescoes of both Portuguese and Chinese elements.

As Macau was once a Portuguese-colonised country, its architectures are heavily influenced by Portuguese culture.

Of course, apart from the Portuguese influence, it is still a Chinese country, which just goes without saying that their architectures are also laced with Chinese elements. 

This calming and tranquil place of a fortress, brings serenity to viewers. 

Overseeing the sea and a plethora of buildings, it definitely displays the gist of Macau in a panoramic view in a nutshell.


Bask in the history of Guia Fortress today.  

10. Have a picnic amongst greenery 

If you’re those nature-loving couples in Asia, what about a picnic surrounded by vast greenery? 

With flowers to sniff, and fresh cool air to inhale, this day will be one that is comfortable and serene.  

In this cool season where some people get SAD - literally (seasonal affective disorder), you can take this opportunity to set the mood for a heart-to-heart talk from your other half and get to know each other better. 

Combine a few of these different ideas in a day, and proceed to have a blast with your date on your off days! Let’s rise above these new hard times.