Having Travel Nostalgia? Find Out How You Could Still Tour Asia During COVID

Covid-blues? No vacation? No worries!

If you're fretting over the good old days of freely going anywhere you want, fret not, for below is a solution for your woes.

1. Visit Anywhere With Trally Tours


Stuck at home but want some adventure? Trally Tours is here to the rescue! Trally Tours is a virtual tourism app that allows tour guides and tourists to interconnect via their smartphone, and undertake an educational tour together. With Trally Tours' vast selection of destinations to visit and quality tour guides hosting them, you can be assured of a competent experience as the physical one. It will be a rewarding trip for you where you will learn about the culture, the people and the history of the city of your choice.  

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We recommend that you attempt the following activities only after you are fully vaccinated. 

2. Breathe In The Serenity At Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Singapore is a biophilic city that has been nurtured that way. One way to experience nature combined with art and technology, is at the Gardens By The Bay. 

Gardens By The Bay boasts of 4 main appeals, the Supertrees, the Cloud Forest, the OCBC Skyway and the Flower Dome. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a vast visual of space and a lavishness that comes from the artistically designed conservatory. Besides, you’ll get an aroma of good air quality throughout, your lungs will thank you. 

Each main appeal has its own distinct value. For example, the Flower Dome has floras that came from the Mediterranean region, South African savannahs and even deserts. Cloud Forest has indoor waterfalls and a mountain adorned with plants from all over the world and there are even exotic floras along the aerial walkways. The OCBC Skyway is situated in the air, weaving through the Supertrees, which gives you a bird’s eye view of the garden and they make for a good spot for photo taking. Lastly, the Supertrees - the highest points in the whole garden. During the day, they make for a resting spot that has artificial grass carpets, providing a good view of the scenery around. At night, they light up in an array of colours, and even emit music, creating a harmony of a light and sound show. The light and sound show only exhibits at 7:45pm and 8:45pm, daily. 

These appeals have successfully captured the hearts of many loyal customers and even photographers from around the world. 

Learn more about Gardens By The Bay here

3. Visit The Art Science Museum, Singapore

Let’s say you are in the vicinity of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and you are craving for something to quench the artistic thirst in you, hop along to the Art Science Museum that’s situated along the waters. 

Concurrently, there are three exhibitions. The first, Future World: Where Art Meets Science. It is a digital interactive installation. Then, Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed, where “new sonic landscapes and exciting kaleidoscopic worlds” are curated together. Lastly, Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound - 32 global music composers and artists were brought into this exhibition. 

This will definitely awaken your artistic soul once more, or inspire you further.   

Learn more about the Art Science Museum here.

4. A Night In Macau


For the Chinese and Macanese living in Macau, you would know Macau is Asia’s most abundant in casinos. Macau’s casino facades are always well-lighted with a range of attractive colours and there is a fireworks display every night. Its streets are filled with a mix of Chinese and Portuguese-influenced architecture, as it once belonged to the Portuguese colony.

You will be overwhelmed by its rich culture of the gambling industry and their efforts at making their casinos in Asia, a bustling place yet still an oasis, in Macau. If you’re a foreigner who wishes to visit Macau, hop on to Trally for a free virtual tour now!


5. Airsoft / Paintball War Game in Macau 



If you and your comrades are from Macau, wondering what’s thrilling to do, here’s a paintball game to attend. Situated in Coloane, and frequently used by the Macau Police Special Forces, be assured that its infrastructure is competent. Of course, your team will be briefed on your gears and the rules before the game starts, so do not worry about how you will play this game. With a cherry on top, this game promises to satiate your adrenaline addiction. Bring your digital comrades onto the virtual battlefield via Trally anytime.


Learn more about Paintball/Airsoft here.



6. Have A Fun Time At Hong Kong Disneyland 

Being the second Disneyland in Asia, and built to fit the culture of Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s Disneyland carries the essence of Hong Kong that gently coalesces with Disney’s fairytales. Inside, you will see mascots and buildings that were designed to mimic the characters and elements in the cartoons.

You will see aplenty castles and aesthetically pleasing flower beds as you weave through the compound. This activity will take you a day’s expense and you will return to your humble abode feeling like you have just achieved something. However, if you’re a Hong Konger interested in taking people around the world on your tour in Hong Kong Disneyland, you can sign up to be a tour guide on Trally. 

Learn more about Hong Kong’s Disneyland here.

7.  Unwind At Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia 

The world’s tallest twin towers is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, among other skyscrapers. At night, its facade is brightly lit and it conjures wonderment in any person who immerses themselves in its breath-taking view. One can only appreciate one’s life, one’s commitments, and blessings at the sight of this beauty.

As you enter and get up to the 86th floor, it will be as if you’re in the clouds viewing down at the beautiful and mesmerising skyline. If you’d like to be a tour guide or a tourist on this trip, sign up or redeem your free tour on Trally today! 

Learn more about Petronas Twin Towers here