Great Bang For Your Buck with 3 Virtual Experiences To Build Team Spirit!

Discover how these modern virtual experiences will boost your team's spirit!

Need to boost your team’s morale because of their hectic WFH life? Here are three virtual experiences to embark on to rejuvenate your soul.   

1. Amazon Explore 

Ever heard of Amazon Explore before? Well it will be your new way of touring the world while learning a recreational skill online. Currently, Amazon tours are only limited to the American and European regions. You can easily take a virtual stroll through the markets of Venice, Rialto and take in the breath-taking sceneries combined with engaging storytelling as told by a professional and educated host! Bring your team on an experience they will absolutely love. 

Apart from touring, you can even sign your team up for a culinary class. Right now, while choices are limited, Amazon Explore more than makes up for that by providing the best and highly-experienced chefs and bartenders to conduct these classes. 

Each experience will last 60 minutes at most and prices range from $19 - $76. Most tours are highly raved, with only the most positive reviews from experienced tourists. Simply choose anything that you think your team will benefit from! 

Something this enjoyable will make for an awe-inspiring and revitalising experience for the team and encourage them further in every other aspect of their lives. What’s more, it will strengthen the bonds within your team. How apt! 

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2. Trally Games 

Have you ever wondered how you could get your team to unwind from a long week of work on a Friday night? 

Look no further. In Trally Games, team building is cheaper, more time-effective and your team will celebrate you for it. Trally Games include games like Charades and overseas Amazing Race for teams to participate in. I would highly endorse the Amazing Race as it is the best bang for your buck out there! Teams that love engaging themselves in immersive mystifying missions while discovering clues on the way, are perfect for this game. To top it off, teams will also experience a foreign city accompanied with mind-boggling stories from the game masters themselves. What’s more, it’s at a fraction of the price! This will last your team through the weekends which is sure to ease those Monday blues. 

Experience tells, people who feel happy tend to be cheerful givers. With your team’s mind on the right track, you will be sure to find your team’s communication, ideation and productivity growing tremendously. 

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3. War of the Wizards 

Ahhh… War of the Wizards (WOTW), need I say more? Just look at the smiling faces of the fellow gamers! WOTW is classified as the most fun and impactful virtual team game that one can experience at the least expense. Hosted by a game master most experienced in this discipline, a 90 minutes game will promise a good session at everybody’s convenience. 

Team players are then separated into two groups and there a war begins! Participants will start by telling stories, solving puzzles, and completing challenges to earn magical objects. These items will then be the key to winning the war against the opposing team. Throughout the game, the game master connects the dots with a sensory story of "dragon love, ogre stench” and many other sensory awakening ingredients of the Wizard world.  

This game is perfect for a team of murder mystery lovers, puzzle junkies and escape room enthusiasts! 

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Who said WFH during covid means no fun? Time to get out there and have a blast!

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