Discover 5 places where you can experience movie magic in this climate.

Step into the silver screen and experience movie magic with Trally

Have you ever wanted to visit the places that movies are shot at? Have you ever wanted to experience the rolling hills of Middle Earth, explore the magic of Diagon Alley, or gaze upon the majesty of King’s Landing? Well, you’re in luck.

Celebrate, movie buffs. With Trally, you can experience it all without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can now visit your favourite movie locations virtually, without dealing with the hassle of travel amidst this covid climate. 

Here are 5 places you HAVE to visit if you’re a huge movie fan.

1. New Zealand

Even though it's been more than a decade since the release of JRR Tolkien's blockbuster, one does not simply walk away from Middle Earth. The Lord of the Rings trilogy had the most striking scenes filled with amazing scenery. Filmed in New Zealand, you too, can experience Middle Earth for yourself.

hobbiton, matamata_new_zealand
Hobbiton, Matamata New Zealand

From the Shire and Hobbiton to the fiery depths of Mount Doom, New Zealand has it all. You can visit the lush dairy farming landscape around the Waikato town of Matamata, where the village of Hobbiton was created. 

mount_ngauruhoe, new_zealand
Mount Ngauruhoe, New Zealand

You can also enjoy the views of Mordor and Mount Doom, commonly known as Mount Ngauruhoe, while participating in the full-day Tongariro Crossing.

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2. London

You may never have a Hagrid come up to your door and proclaim that you’re a wizard, but you can still experience the magic with the Harry Potter Tours in London.

platform_9_and_three_quarters, london
Platform 9 ¾ , King Cross Station

Let our expert host guide you through the world of Muggle London as you discover the real-life counterparts of the locations you saw in the movie. You start at one of the most iconic places in Harry Potter - Platform 9 ¾, located at King’s Cross Station. The highlights of the tour include the Ministry of Magic, The Geometrical Staircase at St Paul’s, the Muggle Prime Minister's Office, and many more. 

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3. New York

In the Empire State of Mind, Alicia Keys described New York as the “Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of”. New York is not just the place where dreams are made of, it is also the place where multiple blockbuster films are filmed at. 

times_square, new_york
Times Square, New York

One of the most famous places in New York is Times Square. As an avid movie buff, you no doubt will be able to name multiple movies that were filmed at Times Square. From extreme car chases in Fast & Furious to Spiderman fighting off Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Times Square has seen it all. 

Another iconic place in New York is Wall street. Depicted in many a movie about finance and the stock market, it is one place a movie buff has to visit. One of the biggest movies it was featured in was The Wolf of Wall Street. Follow along the path of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character and be fully immersed in the moment.

Take a bite out of the big apple here.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Discover the filming locations for King’s Landing, Walk down the Jesuit stairs and put yourself in the shoes of Cersi. Explore the city where the capital of the Seven Kingdoms is filmed.

dubrovnik_city_walls, croatia
Dubrovnik City Walls, Croatia

The old city walls of Dubrovnik are one of the most famous aspects of the city. At almost 2km in length, it is perfect for a casual walk. Enjoy one of the best views over the Adriatic seas.

fort_lovrijenac, dubrovnik_croatia
Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik Croatia

Visit Arboretum Trsteno, where you can explore all the locations from Gardens of King’s Landing. Stop at Fort Lovrijenac (Red Keep) and see where the Iron Throne sits. Finish off with a trip to the Game of Thrones museum. 

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5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the home of the world famous ​​Hollywood Boulevard, is one place you have to visit if you’re a movie buff. 

hollywood_sign, los_angeles
Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

Take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, a Los Angeles cultural icon. Visit museums, landmarks and other Hollywood attractions that celebrate L.A.'s rich film and entertainment heritage.

Visit iconic locations like Randy’s Donut where the iconic donut scene in Iron Man 2 was filmed.

randys_donut, los_angeles
Randy's Donuts, Los Angeles

For those who are looking to see the inner workings of the movie industry, you can also participate in movie studio tours.

warner_brothers, studio_tour
Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Warner Brother Studio now offers a weekly virtual tour, bringing you along to the sets of your favourite Warner Brother movies virtually. Learn the key phases of the entertainment production process and get a chance to see the birthplace of your favourite movies and TV shows! 

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With the advent of virtual streaming, you can now travel the world and visit your favourite movie locations easily. Step right into the silver screen and explore the locations of your favourite movie with Trally.