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Best Shopping Festivals – Shop until you drop in Asia!

Asia offers many incredible shopping festivals and the best shopping destinations in the world. Plan your next holiday to the most popular shopping festivals and holiday destinations in Asia. Enjoy great shopping deals, discounts, festival activities, and traveling fun!

Although cultural spaceflight and sightseeing were once the main priorities of travel and excursions, this has changed over the years. Yeah, of course, a shopaholic's fantasy has been shown to boost delight in the form of shopping festivals where they shop and save the creation. This, in turn, is all about a content life and a happy you! Did you know? It can cause a spurt in serotonin, which is a happy hormone. So, are you ready to prowl, pause, and purchase at Asia's best sales festivals? 

Let's get this party started!

What is a Shopping Festival?

In a nutshell, they are all about brands, fashion, meshes, and mates. The wide assortment and comfort are quadrupled with one of the most enticing starlings, art pieces, and illumination. Close your eyes and picture a place with an incredible display, inexpensive rates, spectacle, and delight, and who would miss out on the lucky draw, in turn, where anyone, even you, could be a prizewinner!

While China is a shopper's heaven and a favorably renowned spot, many other Asian regions are improving and flourishing to provide the finest. Besides, the trend towards virtual shopping has even been directed to online shopping festivals and virtual tours, which are now gradually overtaking the physical ones.

The Newly Emerging Virtual Tours

While visiting the site and admiring its beauty is what brings comfort. Hold on; the virtual tours could provide an equally amazing adventure. After all, it saves you time, energy, and finances whilst also enabling you to capture the elegance, ritual, and a highly customizable encounter. If you've never done it before, you can immediately try Travel Asia virtually. However, if you're a steadfast shopaholic,  why not start with the experience of a sales sign that will take you to the standouts of some of the best Chinese shopping festivals?

The Best Shopping Fests in Asia

Here are the top 5 shopping festival attractions along with their specialties.

The Japan Shopping Fest

First hosted in 2013, the festival is a one-stop shop for the most exceptional blends ever. You have the choice of snacking, shopping, or simply recalling! The raffle contest is the best way to try your luck. Who knows, it might bring forth the return ticket to your home?

Thailand's Annual Festival

It's none other than "Thong Fa Third Phra Kiat." The minimal fare fest is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Queen Sirikit. The festival is set to take place in August. This once-a-year event would offer discounts of up to 40% on all sorts of branded beauty, clothing, and household objects.

Singapore Shopping Festival 

Also known as the Great Singapore Sale, it is a month and a half-long celebration that begins in September and lasts until October 10. First celebrated in 1994, it has always provided the best quality products at the best prices and the finest location. So, for the takeaway message, don't forget to check out the TWG Tea and Charles and Keith products, as they are both terrific.

Macao's Retail Festival

This well-known festival attracts over 400,000 people each year with games, joyous screams, and shopping sprees. It is the first festival in historical memory to give the ultimate privilege in the form of free Wi-Fi. So, while the bake sale is always the climax, it is closely followed by the love for Macao personalized tees and hooded sweatshirts. Of course, the keychains and postcards should never be overlooked.

The Hong Kong Shopping Festival

The gigantic festival is held at the site of China's Asia-World Expo and is expected to last from December 11 to January 3. Don't forget to mark your calendars and register for this mega-fun shopping season. The location is ideal for all everyday use items because there is no taxation or airport duty applicable. This makes it the perfect stop for almost all the renowned designer handbags and perfumes.

The Best Virtual Tour App

While the shopping festival is a one-stop shop for shopaholics, the Trally is a one-stop shop for virtual travellers. So, if you want to watch the livestream and admire the experience from home, or if you just want to know the date, time, and place of the event, all it takes is a few clicks. Hurry up and download the mobile app or visit our website for the most memorable ventures of your life!