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Asia's Best Festivals You Never Knew Existed!

Travel blogger looking for Asia's most stunning sites and finest festivals? You're not alone. Asia has hundreds of festivals that vloggers love. Festivals celebrate a culture's rituals. Many festivals attract non-members of that culture. India's Holi, Hong Kong's Ghost Festival, and Mongolia's Nadaam Festival are also popular.

Asia's Best Festivals You Never Knew Existed

Are you a travel blogger looking for the most magical places to visit in Asia and enjoy their best festivals? You are not alone in this search. Asia is filled with countries that have hundreds of festivals each year that are an attraction for a vlogger. The purpose of festivals is to celebrate the cultural rituals of the people belonging to that culture. Still, many festivals also appeal to people who don't belong to that culture. Some other countries have exciting festivals like Holi in India, Ghost festival in Hong Kong, and Nadaam Festival in Mongolia. 

If you are looking for Asia travel tips and tricks to help you out with enjoying Asia's best festivals you never knew excited, then we have brought you a brief list.

5 Best Asian Festivals

Visiting a place and missing its festivals is a loss because many cultures have interesting festivals to witness. If you are planning to visit the following 

1. Lantern Festival Taiwan

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan starts on 8 February and continues for two weeks. The festival is celebrated all over Taiwan, where people release lanterns in the sky at night. It is a fantastic view with sparkling lanterns and a dark sky.The festival is to represent the Taiwanese cultural signs and pop culture. The people of Taiwan love to celebrate this festival as it represents their culture. Because of the beautiful sights this festival offers, a travel blogger is also attracted to the festival.

2. Phi Ta Khon Festival Thailand

The famous festival in Dan Sai District of Thailand, where departed spirits and ghosts are given an appreciation. If you have a travel vlog and love the presentation of colors, then you must visit Thailand to witness this festival.

The men dress up in colorful and bright costumes to help add a fun and realistic sense to the festival. The essence of this festival is to become like ghosts and remind the people that death is ultimate and everyone will die one day. Cultural dances are also a part of the festival, making it more exciting and attractive for travel bloggers and tourists.

Street of old Chinese asian city on a sunset at Hongluo Temple

3. Awa Odori Festival Japan

It is a festival associated with dance. People of every age come out on the streets and dance with joy and happiness. The exciting thing is that people wear their traditional dress code to present their culture. Thousands of people on the streets, wearing the same dresses and having a love for the culture, dance in multiple ways.The Awa Odori festival is held in August each year as a gesture of love, freedom, and friendship. Everyone takes part in the festival with all their heart to represent unity among them.

4. Ghost Festival Hong Kong

The Ghost Festival is actually of Buddhist and Taoist origins, celebrated on 15th August each year. It is the celebration of the arrival of the dead, including the ancestors, with the belief that the gates of heaven and hell are opened on the day. It is strongly believed that the spirits of the dead travel to earth on this day to meet their loved ones who they had left behind. Regarding these returning spirits is paid by celebration of the festival where joss paper is burned.

5. Chinese New Year Festival Singapore

The first day of the Chinese new year is celebrated in Singapore. The Chinese calendar is based on the Lunar movements; that is why the festival is celebrated on the first day of the moon. People clean their homes thoroughly with a belief to clear out all the evil spirits from their homes to give way to new and healthy spirits and luck.The homes are also decorated with gold and red color. Additionally, people visit each other's homes. 

Chinese New Year

Wrapping Up

The best 5 festivals in Asia are an essential component of a successful travel vlog because they are an important part of traveling and tourism. It is preferable to know what you will witness at the festival whenever you plan a trip to avoid disappointment if you aren't interested in it.So, which one of the festivals appeared attractive to you?

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