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As Featured On Macau Closer: The Birth Of Trally

Find out the story behind Trally as seen on Macau Closer.

The story of Trally

Before Kylie was the founder and CEO of Trally, she was a Hotel General Manager in Macau.

During that stint, she was exposed to opportunities to converse with many guests. Because that was the nature of her job, she was let in to countless of invaluable insights that would inevitably contribute to the birth of Trally.

While their hearts seek to roam the world, many of the guests do not have the luxury to travel wherever and whenever they wanted.

Instead of visiting the places they wanted to, they had to settle with visiting the places they could afford to.

Then it struck Kylie – if Twitch is doing live streaming for people playing games, why can’t we do the same for travelling?

And that’s what she did.


How does Trally work?

There will be 2 particular group of users in Trally, namely the “Guests” and the “Hosts”.

As the names suggest, the Guests will be shown around by the Hosts, and the Hosts will be delivering the experience of a foreign country – all through a screen.

Even though the idea was hatched pre-pandemic, Kylie acknowledges that other competitors have taken the head start in this virtual experience race.

And to ensure that Trally is offering something unique in its own rights, Kylie has highlighted the key differences –and these pointers are essentially the unique selling points of Trally as a virtual experience platform.


What sets Trally different from the rest?

Looking at Airbnb Online Experience and Amazon Explore, two of the biggest players in the virtual experience field, their primary audience focus lies in North America and the United States.

In other words, Trally would be the first-mover in the Asia scene, and that is exactly what Trally is striving towards.

“Macau is my birth place, so it’s the perfect place to start. We will focus on tours from Macau first, and then roll out in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.”

With their first intentional Key Opinion Leaders training held in Macau, Trally was greeted with an overwhelming response from Cantonese-speaking individuals. Without any advertisements, Trally had more than 100 applicants expressing their interest in becoming a host.

In light of that, plans are made for another session in both English and Mandarin. With a larger variety of hosts onboard, the experience that is delivered will definitely be more comprehensive.


When will Trally be officially available to public?

Trally has been a work-in-progress for the past 2 years, and is currently in the trial phase of launching the app and recruiting hosts.

What were particularly challenging are the finances and the coordination of an international team – especially in a climate where most business operations are sabotaged by the pandemic.

Thankfully, Trally managed to attract investors, and is currently having support from Cultural Bureaus. To make sure the team’s morale is well-sustained, Kylie has been personally involved with all weekly meetings, as well as the “Happy Trally” sessions where team members just meet up virtually and have fun.

No work discussed.

Everyone in the team is stoked to see what’s in store for Trally, and the fact that they will be releasing an app that can connect people of different nationalities all over the world.

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