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Just as you are - they are individuals who love exploring more than anything.

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You are your own boss. You decide the price, the location, the timing. You are accountable only to yourself - and of course to your following.

How to get started?

We aim to rid all barriers to entry. Anyone who loves hosting a tour should be able to host on Trally. Simply send over the required information to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

How do you earn?

Guests on Trally will have to pay to experience the amazing journey you’ll bring them on. You get to keep 80% of the profits.

anyone with a phone can be a host

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Don't sweat the details. Just make sure you're ready to deliver the best experience yet.

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The destinations are inanimate - but the right hosts bring them to life.

They can show you the world.

Elma Leigh, 30

“I brought about 8 tourists on a tour of Camden recently. There was a Harry Potter fan amongst one of them who requested to visit King’s Cross. It warmed my heart to hear how much he enjoyed the experience.”

Liam, 33

“I taught at the community college because of Cov-19. A client of mine who used to visit Cali recommended Trally. Recently, she and her family purchased a tour I hosted on Trally. Surreal..”

Ella Smith, 56

“Trally has changed my mind about virtual tourism. I had my doubts initially however the app helped my guests and I interact smoothly. I have been enjoying my weekly tour sessions on Trally.”


Outdoor live stream is a brand-new attempt for me, but after completing my first Trally Tour in my whole life, I realised it was actually not as difficult as I thought. Some unexpected things that happened during the journey made the tour a lot more enjoyable, and now I can’t wait to hold my second Trally Tour!


I was very nervous for my first experience as a Host. Fortunately, with the assistance of Trally, the whole process was facilitated smoothly. I hope that I can bring more wonderful tours to friends all over the world through Trally in the future!


Outdoor live stream allows me to rediscover the place I grew up from in a new perspective. It is vastly different than when I was introducing my hometown to relatives and friends who have came to visit in the past. Through Trally, I was granted the opportunity to showoff this familiar place to new friends who come from all over the world!

Chiang Sio Wa

As the host of a Trally Tour, I get to discover new and exciting places with everyone - places with amazing sceneries that make the walk absolutely worthwhile. The best part of it is that I get to do the entire exploring with everyone that is on the live stream. It is a brand-new experience!

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