an ineffable experience

Connected by the love of exploring.

Home to wanderlusters, Trally hopes to bring together hosts and guests alike, providing a platform for all to share the love of exploring.

first of our kind

Why users choose Trally.

Just as you are - they are individuals who love exploring the world more than anything.

You Decide Your Schedule

No more wee hours flight, no more jet lags. Now you can explore wherever, whenever you want to. And the same applies to hosts.

You Decide The Costs

Hosts are free to charge however much they deem fit. Guests only pay for tours they feel are justified. Fixed payments are a thing of yesterday.

You Decide The Destination

Hosts, show them around as you like. Guests, explore around as you like.  No need for compromises.


The ones behind Trally.

Many backgrounds, one goal.



Founder Of Trally

Kylie was born in Macau and raised in Singapore. After spending nearly half her life understanding the culture in each country and being in the tourism industry for the past 7 years, TRALLY was born! She is also a start-up coach and enjoys flexing her awkward yoga poses during her free time.



Head of Operations & Customer Success

British, democratic school alumni, filmmaker and social entrepreneur. Previously a trustee and non-exec director of several NGOs, founding a startup and working in Ops for a globally leading mental health training provider, before joining Trally!


Malik Zulqurnain

Lead Engineer

A software engineer with more than 5 years of experience working on products to make life easier for people. Previously worked with many startups to build the architectures and production-ready high-end software.


In partnership with

A growing network and partnerships with the global organisations.