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Technology was created to better lives. If we can utilise it to hold virtual meetings, what’s stopping us from having virtual tours?


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It used to take us months to explore Asia. With Trally Tours, you can now do it in days.


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Trips Available

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Trips Available

The best experience always starts with
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Our foundation is built by meaningful connections.

An enjoyable experience for my first tour!


Outdoor live stream is a brand-new attempt for me, but after completing my first Trally Tour in my whole life, I realised it was actually not as difficult as I thought. Some unexpected things that happened during the journey made the tour a lot more enjoyable, and now I can’t wait to hold my second Trally Tour!

A new and fun experience being a host!


I was very nervous for my first experience as a Host. Fortunately, with the assistance of Trally, the whole process was facilitated smoothly. I hope that I can bring more wonderful tours to friends all over the world through Trally in the future!

Rediscovering old places with new found energy!


Outdoor live stream allows me to rediscover the place I grew up from in a new perspective. It is vastly different than when I was introducing my hometown to relatives and friends who have came to visit in the past. Through Trally, I was granted the opportunity to showoff this familiar place to new friends who come from all over the world!

An exciting discovery for everyone!

Chiang Sio Wa

As the host of a Trally Tour, I get to discover new and exciting places with everyone - places with amazing sceneries that make the walk absolutely worthwhile. The best part of it is that I get to do the entire exploring with everyone that is on the live stream. It is a brand-new experience!

showcase your talent with trally

Are you always the one introducing new spots to your friends?

Well you know what they say - if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free. Now you can show foreigners around your city and relive the joy of introducing amazing spots to others!