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5 ways you can maximize earnings as a Host

Find out how you can maximise your earnings as a host without compromises.

By Trally on
Dec 13, 2021

You have just started on your journey of being a host. You’ve done a couple of tours and have brought your guests on an amazing journey. You’ve tasted what it’s like to be a host and you are hungry for more. However, you’re not sure on how you can get to host more tours. 

Thankfully, we do! Let us show you 5 ways you can maximize your earnings and increase the amount of tours you do.

Create unique tours 

You’ve seen the same tours to Tokyo Tower a million times. Nobody wants to go on tours that are all the same. Inject your flare into your tours to make them more interesting. You can also pick a unique and interesting theme for your guests to enjoy.

For example, Hong Kong actor Kevin Chen once created a tour that was based around the theme of pirates! He guided students around famous tourist points in Macau and asked them questions pertaining to the culture of Macau. The pirate theme brought a fresh and unique perspective into the tour, and ensured that the students stayed engaged throughout the tour,

Try to create a unique tour experience and stand out from the crowd!

Ask guests to leave reviews 

Aim to get good reviews on every tour that you create! Good reviews are extremely important. They let your guests have a gauge on the quality of your tour and they also function as a form of social proof.

If you have good reviews on your tours, it will contribute greatly to getting more customers.

I explain more on how to get quality reviews and why it is important here.

Customise tours to each guest

Another way of getting your customers to enjoy your tour is to do some light research about them before your tour. If you know what your guests enjoy, you can sneak in some tidbits in your content to fit them.

For example, if you notice that your customers are big music fans, you can try and find some fun facts about the location you are covering that might be related to music. In Abbey Road, the crosswalk is famous for being on a “Beatles” cover. You might want to mention that to your guests as you cover the location. 

Make the experience more personal, and it will be an unforgettable experience for your guest.

Appropriately price your tours

Price your tours appropriately. You want to start small before slowly increasing the amount you charge. Don’t take $10 now to lose $100 later. Being too aggressive with your pricing before you start creating a fan base would scare off potential guests who might be interested. 

Another way you could price your tours would be according to the seasonality, where you charge higher prices when the demands are higher. This way, you can adjust your pricing according to the market and never overcharge you guests.

Create tours of the appropriate length

The length of your tours should be appropriate for your content that you intend to showcase. Nobody is going to enjoy a 4 hour hike with the same repetitive scenery. 

Make your tours short enough that your guests won’t get bored but long enough that you can cover the content that you planned for. A good time period would be around 2 hours. 

You can also review the length of your previous tours and adjust the timing if necessary. 

Find your sweet spot, and you’re on the right foot to be a great host.

Put our advice into practice and maximising your earnings should be a piece of cake! 

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Summaries of what you read!

  1. Create Unique Tours
  2. Ask Guests to Leave Reviews
  3. Customise Tours to Each Guest
  4. Appropriately Price Your Tours
  5. Create Tours of the Appropriate Length
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